The War On Grief

The grief wars are a very real thing and I hate to say that I play a part in it. I wish I didn’t but I do. It can make a person think evil, horrible things. It makes me hate my own mind and my own thoughts. I’ll start by saying that I’ve lost a […]

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My Surrogacy Journey

I figured that title was to the point. I tried to think of something more catchy but that seems to sum up this whole post quite well! I’ll start by explaining how I became a surrogate and why. I was pregnant with my daughter and was a part of a Facebook group for babies due […]

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Some facts of UK surrogacy

In this country, there are many questions surrounding surrogacy. With no laws surrounding it, no wonder it is such a taboo subject. I’m hoping this post will answer certain questions that you may have. I started my journey early 2015. My daughter was a baby and I was done, I didn’t want another child. However, […]

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Why should I blog?

I decided a few weeks ago that I was going to write a book, an autobiography. I enjoy writing and I’m excited for my book, but I wanted something more. My husband, James mentioned I should write a blog! So here I am. Let me introduce myself: I am Rachel. At 26 years old, I […]

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